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With two types of cleaning ingredients, dirt on windows and inside the car can be removed!

A high-quality sheet that is resistant to fluff and has little stain residue is used, and two types of cleaning ingredients cleanly remove stains that are difficult to remove with a dry wipe. 20 pieces that can be used more and more for the dirt you care about and are very advantageous.

capacity 20 pieces
Product number 2051
Body dimensions W265 x H300 (mm)
Body weight 8g


how to use

* Be sure to try it in an inconspicuous part before using it. Areas that have deteriorated over time may cause discoloration and stains.

● Turn over the opening sticker on the front side and take out one by one.
● If it gets dirty, change it to a clean surface and wipe it.
* To prevent the sheet from drying out, be sure to close the opening seal tightly after use.

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