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Water repellent on both body and window glass! Long-awaited multi-wax sheet

Windows and mirrors that couldn't be used with conventional wax sheets are OK! Of course the body is also a powerful water repellent. In addition, the newly adopted "3-layer structure sheet" firmly prevents scratches and uneven wiping, improving the finish.

capacity 20 sheets
Product number 2029
Body dimensions W300 x H300 (mm)
Body weight 17g



Be sure to try it in an inconspicuous part before using it.
1. Turn over the opening sticker on the front side and take out one by one.
2. Wipe it so that it slides lightly.
3. If it gets dirty, change it to a clean surface and wipe it.
* To prevent the sheet from drying out, be sure to close the opening seal tightly after use.

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