Whole car wax spray

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Powerful WAX 2 months durability just by spraying and wiping the whole car!

Easy! Convenient! With this one, the whole car wash + WAX is completed for the body, window glass and wheels! Gloss and water repellent last for 2 months! Can be used not only for dry bodies but also for wet bodies after car wash .
capacity 500ml
Product number 2048
Body dimensions W106 × H226 × D64 (mm)
Body weight 583g


* Be sure to try each part in an inconspicuous part before using it. Be especially careful when using aged or imported cars.

1. Rinse sand, mud and pebbles in advance as it may cause scratches.
2. Shake the container well.
3. Set the tip to <ON>, spray and finish evenly with a towel.
* Use each part to prevent the liquid from drying out. If the towel gets dirty, change it to a clean surface and work. The guideline for spraying is about 5 times on half the hood of a medium-sized car.


Precautions for use

Do not inhale or drink as it is harmful to the human body.
● Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
● Keep out of reach of children.
● If you have sensitive skin, use protective gloves.
● Do not wipe with force or wipe with a small amount of liquid.
● As it may cause stains and unevenness, repainting, special painting, cars without clear painting, deteriorated painting and parts, specially processed glass and mirrors, unpainted resin, wheels other than genuine aluminum wheels, tires, etc. Do not use rubber, plating, unknown materials, safety devices such as automatic stop function and camera, places that interfere, under the scorching sun or when the body is hot. If it adheres, wipe it off immediately.
● Check with the contractor before using the coated vehicle.
● Do not leave the product in the liquid.


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