Whole car cleaner

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For car wash and cleaning in the car!

Easy work just by spraying and wiping! This one cleans the whole body and interior! The sterilization and antibacterial effect keeps the inside of the car clean and clean.

capacity 500ml
Product number 2067
Body dimensions W106 × H226 × D64 (mm)
Body weight 583g


how to use

Read the precautionary statements carefully and be sure to try them in an inconspicuous area before using them. In particular, paints and parts that have deteriorated over time may cause discoloration and stains.

1. Set the tip to <ON>.
* If there is sand or mud that causes scratches, remove it in advance.
2. Spray directly on dirt or spray on a towel and then wipe. If the towel becomes dirty, replace it with a new one.
* It may not be removed depending on the state of dirt.

Unusable items
Genuine leather, synthetic leather, fabric, natural wood, special anti-glare mirror, liquid crystal panel, plating, rubber, switches and electrical components, specially processed glass, special paint, repaint, deteriorated paint, deteriorated material, Cars without clear paint, safety devices such as automatic stop function and camera, items for which the material is unknown, etc.

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