Ultra Glaco Glass & Mirrors Water repellents

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Making use of Fusso technology, Ultra Glaco increases durability to 6 times longer than standard glass coatings! Resistant to wipers, dust, oil, car washes, and detergent, the water-repellency lasts up to one year!

Content: 70ml

How to use the product

Note: Apply only to clean, dry glass.

1. Remove the cap, press the felt applicator onto the glass and gently squeeze the bottle to let out some liquid.

2. Use the felt applicator to rub the liquid all around the glass. Work on a 50 x 50 cm area at a time.

3. Immediately wipe with a clean, dry towel to spread the liquid over the whole surface and wipe off. Move on to the next area.

Note: avoid wetting for 10 minutes after application.

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