Tire polish wax

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Just spray! Black finish!

It is easy to work and finishes beautifully, and it is also recommended for beginners of tire wax. It can be used not only for tires but also for polishing whitened unpainted bumpers. A water-based type that does not use petroleum-based solvents and does not damage the material. Contains a large capacity of 500 ml, which is equivalent to about 3 spray can types.

capacity 500ml
Product number 2066
Body dimensions W106 × H226 × D64 (mm)
Body weight 585g


* Please read the precautionary statements carefully before use.

1. Rinse off dirt and allow to dry.
2. Shake the container well. Set the tip to <ON> and spray.
* If liquid adheres to the body or wheels, wipe it off immediately with a towel. Allow to dry sufficiently.
* If the product is not sufficiently dried, it may scatter on the body and cause stains.

Unusable items
Tire treads, deteriorated materials, interiors, wiper rubber, hoods, motorcycles

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