Relaf Air Freshener

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Sense: Green waltz
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A botanical fragrance with a natural scent blended with natural essential oils

A blend of natural essential oils grown in nature and phytoncide, which is said to have a forest bathing effect. Please enjoy the gentle and rich scent of the plants that you can feel in the car.

capacity 75ml
Body dimensions
W60 × H58.5 × D60 (mm)
Body weight 215g


Item # Scent
Scent descriptions
3189 Green waltz
The lovely scent of flowers swaying in the wind
3190 Morning glass
The scent of young leaves that pleases a refreshing morning
3191 Forest harmony
The gentle scent of the forest where the sunlight sways through the trees
3192 Leafy Terrace
The elegant scent of the breeze on the terrace

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