Powerful cleaner for stubborn stains

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Resistant to stubborn stains!

Simply spray and wipe without using water to quickly remove stubborn stains such as water stains and insects. It can be widely used not only for the body but also for windows, mirrors, bumpers, visors, wheels, etc. No compound type that has little effect on the painted surface.

capacity 500ml
Product number 2068
Body dimensions W106 × H226 × D64 (mm)
Body weight 583g


Please read the notes carefully before using.

1. Wash the car in advance if there is a lot of dirt such as sand or mud as it may cause scratches.
2. Set the tip to <ON>, spray and wipe off immediately.
* Be sure to try it in an inconspicuous part before using it. Be especially careful with aged cars.
* If it is used for deteriorated painting, repainting, or aged cars, it may cause stains or unevenness.
* Use each part so that the liquid does not dry out.
* If the towel becomes dirty, replace it with a new one.
* If it becomes uneven, spray it again and wipe it off immediately.

Dirt that can be removed Water stains
(excluding water droplets, scale-like stains, etc.), pitch, tar, insect stains, bird droppings

What can be used
Body, window, mirror, visor, genuine aluminum wheel (cannot be used for wheels other than aluminum)

Unusable items
Pro-coated cars, imported cars, rubber, plating, unpainted resin parts, open car hoods, deteriorated materials, deteriorated paint, repainted surfaces, special paint, cars without clear paint, interior, automatic stop function And safety devices such as cameras

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