Laclear anti-fog

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Clear visibility by preventing fogging and removing dirt!

At the same time as the cleaning ingredients remove dirt, the unique anti-fog polymer forms a strong hydrophilic film and prevents clouding for a long time. In addition, the included "Fine Wave Cloth" firmly catches stubborn stains such as hand stains and cigarette tar that cause cloudiness! No streaks or fiber debris remain. If you want to strengthen the effect, apply multiple coats to improve the effect!

capacity 250ml
Product number 2094
Body dimensions W94 x H178 x D48.5 (mm)
Body weight 300g


Please be sure to read the precautionary statements carefully before use.

1. Shake the bottle well and set the tip of the trigger to <ON>.
2. Spray a generous amount of liquid on the attached cloth, spread the liquid evenly, and dry without wiping.
* Be sure to try it in an inconspicuous part before using it.
* Work is done for each part.
* If you wipe too much with a cloth, the active ingredient will be removed and the effect will be weakened.
* Depending on the environment, the anti-fog effect may not be sufficient.
* If liquid adheres to anything other than glass, immediately wipe it off with a damp towel.

Work point:
If you diligently apply the liquid to the cloth, it will be easier to work and the finish will be beautiful.
* If you feel that the effect has diminished, please re-install.

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