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Clear visibility easily even on rainy days!

It is a simple operation of spraying and wiping, and protects the view from guerrilla rainstorms that cannot be prevented by the wiper alone, diffuse reflection due to glare stains, and water splashes of oncoming vehicles. On rainy days, simply spray and move the wiper to complete his coating, keeping visibility clear regardless of the weather. The "best conditioning system" allows the water-repellent polymer to be fixed to the glass surface while cleaning, so even first-time users will always be in the best condition.

capacity 250ml
Product number 2076
Body dimensions W94 x H178 x D48.5 (mm)
Body weight 297g


how to use

Be sure to read this note when using it.
● If there is heavy dirt such as sand or mud that causes scratches, wash it off in advance.
● Shake the container well and set the tip of the trigger to <ON>.
● If the liquid adheres to other than the glass, it will cause stains and unevenness, so wipe it off immediately with a towel or the like.

[Sunny day]
Just spray on the window glass and wipe it!
* Can be used even when the glass is wet.

【Wet day】
Just spray on the window glass and move the wiper!

● Spray on the glass part where the wiper is applied.
● If it adheres to the glass part or body that is not covered by the wiper, it will cause stains or unevenness, so wipe it off immediately.
● If you move the wiper and it adheres to the body, wipe it off immediately.
● If the ingredients cannot be solidified on the glass part, remove them with a glass compound or the like.

If the rain repellent becomes weak or glaring, just spray and wipe it off!
If you want to make the rain repellent a little stronger, power up with recoating!

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