Helmet shield coating

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Eliminate poor visibility and clear at any time!

Strongly repels rain to ensure visibility! Suppresses diffuse reflection by lights at night. Fills small scratches and reduces dullness! Insects and mud stains do not stick easily and are easy to remove. Just attach it to the cloth and wipe it. It can also be used as a shield wet with rain. The effect is improved by recoating!

capacity 80ml
Product number 2116
Body dimensions W40 x H125 x D40 (mm)
Body weight 96g


how to use

Please be sure to read the precautionary statements carefully before use.
● Try it on an inconspicuous part before using it. In particular, it may cause peeling, stains, unevenness, etc. depending on the part that has deteriorated over time and the type of surface treatment (mirror type, etc.).
● Wipe the inconspicuous part of the shield with a dry cloth in advance, and check that the shield is not scratched. If it gets scratched, stop using this product.
● If it adheres to anything other than the shield, wipe it off immediately.

1. Remove dirt from the shield.
* Sufficient effect may not be obtained if dirt remains.
2. Shake the bottle well, apply the liquid to the attached cloth, and spread it lightly.
* Do not use inside the shield.
* Do not apply the liquid directly to the shield.
3. Before the liquid dries, wipe it evenly on the surface of the cloth that is not covered with liquid.
4. Wear a helmet and check that there is no liquid unevenness and transparency is ensured.
* If the transparency is insufficient due to uneven liquid, wipe it off again. If it does not improve, remove it with a cleaner.
* Sufficient effect may not be obtained depending on the condition of the shield.

Where it can be used
Outside the helmet shield, outside the windscreen of the bike

Unusable parts
Inside the helmet shield, inside the windscreen, deteriorated (discoloration, deep scratches, peeling or discoloration of surface treatment, etc.), weak surface treatment (mirror type, etc.), specially processed shield or screen, etc. , Parts other than the shield of the helmet (cap body, etc.), Parts other than the screen (body, headlights, tires, wheels, handles, seats, etc.)

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