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No need to repaint! Instantly glossy finish with a single coat!

Contains a non-inorganic glassy gloss polymer that has excellent adhesion to the body, durability, and gloss restoration effect. Even if you do not apply multiple coats, you can firmly fill in the small scratches on the body surface with one application and bring out the color and luster like a new car. The highly antifouling glassy film and hydrophobic effect make it easy to remove stains even when washed with water, making it difficult for stains to stick to the body. Since it is a no-compound, it can also be used for vehicles with a professional coat.

capacity 180ml
Product number 2079
Body dimensions W84.5 × H181.5 × D52 (mm)
Body weight 231g


Please be sure to read the precautionary statements before use.

1. After washing the car, wipe off the water. (There is no problem even if some water remains.)
2. Shake the bottle well and set the tip of the trigger to <ON>.
3. Spray on the body, spread with the included cloth before the liquid dries, and immediately wipe with the dry side of the cloth.
* Estimated amount of use: Spray once for 50 cm x 50 cm
* Be sure to try it in an inconspicuous area before using.
* Work on each part so that the liquid does not dry out.
* If liquid adheres to anything other than body paint, immediately wipe it off with a towel moistened with water.

Work points
If liquid is likely to be applied other than body painting, spray it on the cloth and use it.

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