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Just spray and wipe! The more you use it, the brighter the body!

Contains a glass-based gloss polymer to give a glittering luster. Surprising water repellent that protects the body and prevents dirt from sticking. Since the car wash scratches are firmly filled, the body is finished smoothly. It can also be used on a wet body after washing the car. It is a no-compound and can be used for coated vehicles.

capacity 180ml
Product number 2118
Body dimensions W84.5 × H181.5 × D52 (mm)
Body weight 230g


Please be sure to read the precautionary statements before use.

Be sure to try it in an inconspicuous area before using it.
Wash the car to wash away dirt such as sand and mud that cause scratches before using.
1. Shake the bottle well, set the <ON> side of the tip of the trigger on top, and spray.
● Estimated amount of use: Spray twice on 50 cm x 50 cm
● Do not spray directly on areas where you are concerned about liquid splashing, but spray on a cloth.
2. Spread thinly with the included cloth and wipe with a dry surface of the cloth before the liquid dries.
● When using on a wet body, squeeze the cloth tightly.
● Work on each part such as the door so that the liquid does not dry out.

Where it can be used
● Body painted surface ● Aluminum wheels ● Headlights ● Tail lamps ● Visor
* Only genuine parts can be used.
* Cannot be used for wheels without iron, magnesium, plating, or clear paint.

Unusable places
● Glass ● Mirror ● Unpainted resin parts ● Plating ● Tires ● Rubber ● Repainting ● Special painting ● Cars without clear painting ● Interior ● Leather ● Deteriorated (discoloration, peeling, severely damaged paint) Parts) ● Open car hood ● Automatic stop function and safety devices such as cameras ● Materials that you do not know, etc.
* If it adheres, wipe it off immediately with a damp towel.

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