Glare Air Freshener

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Sense: EG Forest
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Glistening and fascinating brilliance

The powerful silver cap and the gel with glitter give it a luxurious feel. A scent arranged from a famous perfume. Uses a package reminiscent of perfume. A gel type with a long-lasting scent.


capacity 55ml
Body dimensions
W60 × H49 × D60 (mm)
Body weight 169g



Item # Scent
Scent descriptions
A-283 EG Forest
Sexy and elegant men's fragrance-like scent
A-284 GV squash
A sweet and sour scent that creates a refreshing refreshing sensation
A-285 CK fresh
A unisex scent full of freshness
A-359 Unisex
Fresh and refreshing scent
A-360 Squash
A fresh scent with a sweet and sour refreshing sensation
1075 Fine squash
Fresh and fresh scent
1077 Water squash
A transparent and shimmering scent

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