EM-159 Sockets w/USB Plugs up to 24V

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●Double sockets supporting 12/24V-type vehicle and two 5V/2.4A USB ports (total 4.8A)
●This vehicle charging adapter includes an indicator light to show each USB device’s charging state. Indicator lights turn red during charging and blue when charging is complete.
●Automatic self-discriminating enables this product to detect the connected device type and charge using a suitable charging current. Independent control for each port enables simultaneous charging of different device types with optimal charging conditions for each.
●Uses reversible USB ports so cables can be inserted without the hassle of checking the plug’s orientation.
●Conveniently mounts to a preferred location via two-sided adhesive tape.

Product dimensions:H34×W103×D50 ( H1.34× W4.06 × D1.97 inch )

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