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High water repellent coating with zero water resistance

Pursuing the frictional resistance of water to the utmost limit. The low friction polymer realizes ultra-low friction of the body. It repels dirty water droplets and prevents dirt from sticking, so the beautiful shine of the body lasts. Clear luster reflected vividly. The film strengthens with each coat. Maintenance can be done by washing with water or shampoo. It can be used for aluminum wheels, headlights, and visors as well as the body.

capacity 180ml
Product number 2097
Body dimensions W84.5 × H181.5 × D52 (mm)
Body weight 231g


Please be sure to read the precautionary statements before use.
It can also be used on a wet body after washing the car.

1. Shake the bottle well, set the tip of the trigger to <ON> and spray.
* Be sure to try it in an inconspicuous part before using it. Paints and parts that have deteriorated over time may cause discoloration and stains.
* Estimated amount of use: Spray 2 times on 50 cm x 50 cm
2. Spread thinly with the attached cloth and wipe evenly with the dry surface of the cloth before the liquid dries.
* Work on each part so that the liquid does not dry out.

Where it can be used
Body, aluminum wheels, headlights, visor

Unusable places
Glass, tires, rubber, unpainted bumpers, interior

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