Eikosha air spencer Air freshener

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Sense: Marine Squash
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A popular canned type that represents the Air Spencer brand. The epoch-making can that can open the lids on both sides is a fun fragrance to choose because you can enjoy the scent twice and there are many kinds.

  • Ingredients : Fragrance / Deodorant
  • Contents : 40g
  • Product size : W70 x H22 x D70mm
  • Package size : W71 x H71 x D34mm
  • Product weight : 80g
  • Usage period : Approximately 1 month after opening
    (varies slightly depending on the season and usage conditions)
  • Precautions : When opening the can, you may cut your hand at the cut end, so handle with care.
    Since natural fragrance is used, the contents may be discolored, but there is no problem with quality.

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