ED-114 Ashtray

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  • This ashtray has a blue LED auto light function that only lights up in dark places such as at night. It will not light up during the day (in bright places) or when the lid is closed
  • The Brillian face design gives your interior a luxurious look
  • The inside of the lid illuminates an ashtray conveniently, and the exterior is designed to emit a fantastical glow in the car
  • The luminous disc shines in such a way that it reduces the glare of the blue LED
  • Equipped with easy-to-use fir eraser and 2 fire extinguishers
  • The double layer body allows you to easily change the inner sheet to enjoy customing

This ashtray features a brilliant, patterned design to spice up your vehicle’s interior.
This ashtray features a solar-powered LED that automatically activates only under low-light conditions, for easy nighttime use.
When the internal blue LED is on, its light gently filters through the patterned disc on the ashtray lid.

Product dimensions: H113 x W68 x D73 mm ( H 4.45 × W 2.68 × D 2.87 inch )

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