EC-214 A/C Phone Holder

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  • A magnetic smartphone holder that also easily fits notebook-type and other large-sized smartphones.
  • 7 powerful neodymium magnets are fixed to the holder to minimize slipping caused by car bumps.
  • Can be installed in two different ways, either by using the double-sided tape on the dashboard, or by mounting the clip on the air conditioning louvers.
  • The smartphone sits in a low-hanging position so as to not block off the flow of air from the air conditioner. This allows for the flow of cool air in summer, while giving extra peace of mind while driving in winter by ensuring that the smartphone itself does not heat up by avoiding the hot air of the heater.
  • The free-stop hinge mechanism allows you to stop the holder in place at whatever angle you prefer.
  • The half ball mechanism makes it possible to make fine adjustments to the sitting angle on the magnet surface.
  • Comes with a dedicated metal plate and scratch-resistant film, and a double-sided tape.
  • Product dimensions:H 3.35 × W 1.97 × D 3.07 inches( H85×W50×D78 mm )

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