EC-206 A/C Phone Holder

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  • This smartphone mount enables quick and easy attachment and removal of your device
  • To remove the phone, simply tilt forward and lift up.
  • Designed for attachment to the louvers of your vehicle’s A/C vents.
  • Adjustable to fit a variety of phone sizes, including phones inside hard or folio-style cases.
  • The A/C vent clip attaches firmly and supports vertical angle adjustment.
  • Side grips and bottom rest designed of clear plastic for an unobtrusive presence among your vehicle’s interior.
  • Supports phones from 65 to 105 mm(2.56 to 4.13 inch) wide, up to 25 mm(0.98 inch) thick, and weighing up to 250 g(8.8 oz)(*including width, thickness, and weight of any attached case and accessories).
  • Product dimensions:H100×W75×D165( H3.94 × W2.95 × D6.5 inch)

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