EC-205 Dash/Window Phone Holder

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*Simply press your phone into the mount, and the mount’s grips latch on to the device.
*It is designed to accommodate a wide variety of devices, including those in wallet type or slimline cases, as well as devices not kept in cases.
*Uses specially-designed grips that firmly hold the device in place without bending wallet case out of shape.
*Features a highly-adjustable flexible gooseneck arm, allowing you to find the ideal positioning for your mounted device.
*Low-profile design minimizes impact on visibility when installed on the dashboard.
*Includes optional stabilizer to help keep the arm firmly in place during device or vehicle operation.
*Uses a gel-lined suction cup to firmly attach to a desired location. 
*Includes sticker disc for installation on uneven surfaces.

Product dimensions:H99×W107×D319( H3.9 × W4.21 × D12.56 inch)

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