EC-200 Dash/Window Phone Holder

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* Smartphones using a flip-open wallet case can be mounted with the case in the open position.
* An ideal design for customers who worry because their case can't fold completely in two, or else worry that fold marks will remain on their wallet case.
*Holds a wide range of case types, from slim-design cases to thicker wallet cases made from leather and other such materials.
* The slot-type arm design enables mounting of wallet cases regardless of whether they open to the left or right.
* Comes with a case guide (removable) that keeps the wallet case opening angle at either 90 or 180 degrees to prevent flapping about.
* The rear-side ball joint enables free adjustment of the holder angle.
* Includes a specialized clip for easy and secure attachment to A/C vent louvers. Also includes an optional metal stabilizer.

Product dimensions:H119×W73×D130 ( H4.69 × W2.87 × D5.12 inch)

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