Cue Air 2 Pack Air Freshener

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Sense: Squash
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2 packs of great deals on Q-Air for A/C

capacity 2.4g x 2
Body dimensions
W36 × H36 × D36.5 (mm)
Body weight 18g
Item # Scent
Scent descriptions
3095 Aqua shower
Fresh and transparent scent
3097 squash
A refreshing and refreshing scent
3098 Platinum shower
A faintly sweet and clean scent
3099 White musk
A transparent and gentle scent
3100 Healing citrus
A clear scent that bursts with a refreshing sensation
3101 Happiness shampoo
Pleasant and soft scent
3217 Floral charm
A gorgeous scent with a gentle sweetness
3291 Citrus fresh
A fresh scent that pops
3373 Pure sabon
Soft, gentle and light scent

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