Cloth Sheet Cleaner Oxygen Bleach Plus

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Strong stain removal on cloth sheets!

First in the industry! The power of oxygen bleach strongly decomposes stains and stains on cloth sheets! Simply spray and wipe to finish easily, and the sterilization and deodorant effects keep the sheets clean.

capacity 250ml
Product number 2071
Body dimensions W94 x H178 x D48.5 (mm)
Body weight 303g


Be sure to read this note when using it.

1. Set the tip to <ON>.
2. Spray on a dry towel and wipe off any dirt.
* Do not use too much force when wiping as it may cause fluffing and damage to the fabric.
* If you remove only partial stains or stains, it may cause ring stains or unevenness, so clean the entire surface.
For stains that are difficult to remove in 3.2, spray directly onto the stain 15 to 20 cm away from the sheet and then wipe off.
4. Allow it to dry thoroughly.
* If you sit down with insufficient drying, it may cause discoloration or stains on your clothes.

Unusable items
Exterior , genuine leather, natural wood parts, specially processed glass and mirrors, surface mirrors, resin windows, airbag parts, plating, rubber, meter panels, LCD screens, switches and electrical components, automatic stop function Safety devices such as cameras, various stickers, deteriorated materials (scratches, cracks, discoloration, etc.), materials whose materials are unknown, etc.

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