HID headlight Bulbs

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Color temperature: Golden Yellow (3000k)
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What is HID?

HID, or high-intensity discharge light bulbs and lamps, are a family of gas-discharge arc lamps which create light by sending an electrical discharge between two electrodes and through a plasma, or ionized gas.

Which headlight color is the best?

Most people shopping for HIDs believe that a higher bulb temperature will yield a brighter light but this is in fact not true. As the bulb color temperature increases to reach blue and purple levels, the light output will be inferior to regular halogen lights.

White light is preferred for many reasons. A whiter light mimics the appearance of sunlight and improves visibility. Additionally, the filters used to create selective yellow light dim the brightness of headlights. White light is unfiltered, making it brighter.

95% of our customers choose 6000k (Alpine White) for headlight. Look clean and clear. Visibility is good enough for daily uses. 
If you are looking to upgrade your fog lights to HIDs it is best to go with a golden yellow (3000K) or yellow-white (4300K). We strongly recommend against using blue or purple bulbs (anything over 6000K) for your safety in times of poor visibility (fog, haze, rain, snow, etc.). 

Temp Color Details Best for
3000K Golden Yellow Yellow (95%) White (5%) Fog lights
4300K Yellow-White White (80%) Yellow (20%) Nighttime visibility
5000K* Bright White White (100%) Nighttime visibility
6000K* Alpine White White (90%) Blue (10%) Nighttime visibility/style
8000K Ice Blue White (70%) Blue (30%) Stylish look
10000K** Pure Blue Blue (95%) Purple (5%) Stylish look
12000K** Purple Purple (100%) Stylish look

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